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    Our Vision and Mission



    To become a leading company in the fiber-cement industry.


    CONWOOD commit to creating values for stakeholders by providing excellent product and service quality and continuously improving wood replacement solution with regard to environmental protection and social responsibility.


    Core Values

    Asset 6

    Building trust

    To fulfill promises and commitments to stakeholders. Appreciate feedbacks and take prompt action.

    Asset 5

    Creating value

    To understand and provide the best solutions to meet customers’ expectations.

    Asset 4

    Constantly improving and renovating

    To continuously learn, update and innovate technology to develop products and catch up with global trends.

    Asset 3

    Social responsibility

    To commit to creating a sustainable future, caring about the environment, the community and the nation.


    1. 2003

      Founded by SCCC, with one production line of 45,000 tons/year

    2. Investment in 2nd production line, totaling the capacity to 90,000 tons/year


    3. 2008

      Started exporting to overseas, e.g. Vietnam, Malaysia

    4. Investment in 3rd production line, totaling the capacity to 135,000 tons/year


    5. 2012 - 2014

      Set up “PT CONWOOD Indonesia” company and foundation laid for 1st international plant in Indonesia

    6. CONWOOD is exporting products to more than 15 countries


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